Poke Mate Pastor Locked My Punani


NOMBEKO Majola believes a pastor locked her punani three years ago.

The 32-year-old from Joburg said she and the pastor were poking buddies for two years.

“He was married and I had a boyfriend. We were just having fun as poke mates,” said Nombeko.

After she dumped her boyfriend, the pastor told her not to have another boyfriend.

“I told him if he can’t deal with me moving on, he should leave,” she said.

Nombeko said the pastor told her he will lock her punani and no man will ever be able to poke her again but she didn’t take his threat seriously.

She told Daily Sun a few months later she got a new boyfriend but when they were about to poke, his 4-5 collapsed.

“He blocked me and wouldn’t answer my calls. I thought he was the one with problems so it didn’t bother me much.”

But two months later, the same thing happened with another lover. She said since then many boyfriends have fled. As a result she went back to the pastor.

“I’ve been poking the pastor but I really don’t want to do this anymore,” she said.

Nombeko said she’s been consulting sangomas about her punani but they have all failed.

Her ex-boyfriend Bongani Ntuli (36) claimed he doesn’t understand what happened to his 4-5.

“I’m sorry but I really don’t buy the fact that she was locked. My 4-5 gave me a sign and this means she’s nothing but bad news,” he said.

Nombeko’s best friend said she never liked the pastor and told Nombeko to leave him but she didn’t listen.

She said when she confronted the pastor he told her he will poke Nombeko until death does them apart. The pastor (48) told Daily Sun what he does in his private life is his business.

“If I want 100 girlfriends, I’ll do that but I don’t share!” he said before ending the call.



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