Pretoria Man Rushed To Hospital After Breaking His Spine While S*CKING His D!CK

A 24-year old man in Pretoria was rushed to hospital last night after breaking his spine while trying to reach his own pen!s with his mouth.
It seems like, according to his doctor, the young man tried for several hours to reach his pen!s with his mouth with the intention to pleasure himself. After multiple attempts, the man finally could, after breaking his spine, reach his own pen!s. Now, with his spine broken, he had to call the police.
The man assures that this is not the first time he tries to do this. In fact, he had two surgeries to remove four ribs from his body, making the job easier.
Now the young man will have another surgery to fix his spine.
“This won’t stop me. Whenever I’m fully recovered I’m gonna keep on trying and I am pretty sure I’m gonna get it”.