Primary school child turns into a snake during assembly


ALL it took for a local primary school to abandon classes on a Wednesday morning was the appearance of a snake during assembly.
A school assembly is a gathering of all or part of a school in order to communicate information.
The Wednesday assembly at a local Primary school was reportedly graced by a snake whose presence literally dismissed everyone, from dear teacher to the most junior pupil it was “each man for himself” when they fled the scene.
As panic would have it, numerous pupils were injured in the fracas.
A reliable source from the area said: “It’s not really clear what caused the children to run away from school because there are two different versions — but both involve a snake,” said the source.
He went on: “When they were at the assembly point, it’s said one pupil fell down and started moving like a snake resulting in teachers and pupils scurrying for cover. Some pupils claim it was a real snake and they ran away after seeing it. Others just screamed and followed the rest,” he said.

That was enough to call it a day.

“Lessons were cancelled at the school because others had sustained injuries and many were left in shock,” added the source.
Esther Nyathi, a parent is one of the many who went to collect their children at the school.
Provisional Education Director Dan Moyo said he had not yet received the report from the school headmaster.