Prince Kaybee was recently labelled as one of the “rudest Mzansi celebs”

cass kaybee

Prince Kaybee was recently labelled as one of the “worst celebs” when it comes to blowing off fans’ love after one hurt fan expressed his disappointment in Kaybee.

But as that thread blew up, many other local celebs were exposed for their “uncalled rudeness”.

Celebrities all over the world are confronted by mobs of adoring fans on a daily basis but they aren’t always in the “mood” to engage, as most humans do, but fans don’t always understand their idols’ “rude” behaviour.

This particular fan took to Twitter to comment on the famous “O jewa ke eng?” tweet by Keabetswe to say that he was left hot and bothered by how Prince Kaybee blew him off like a “fly”. In fact, the guy said he was pulling his fan “membership”.

“I used to be a huge fan of Prince Kaybee until I met him outside centurion mall. I gave him a really humble shoutout but he blew me off like I was a fly… our celebs though.”

Others immediately jumped on the thread to defend him, saying he must have been having a bad day. While others mentioned similar experiences they had at the hands of other celebs.

It wasn’t all bad though, here’s a few interesting tweets from the thread.



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