PROPHET Mboro's shocking prophecy: Zimbabwe should not fire Grace Mugabe

pastor mboro

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Mboro, who is the owner of End Times Disciples Ministries church on the East Rand says he believes that Grace Mugabe will one day rule Zimbabwe. ‘Grace will be a great leader and she will deliver this country from all economic problems’, said Mboro.
‘People are quick to judge this woman because of what they think, she is a good person but they blame her before she is even in power. I see Grace as the only hope that this country has, all the other people are just as bad.’
“The citizens can say that there are other people better in the country but this is their will and not from heaven.
He said his churches should help the country make the right choice. Not assisting the poor led to people having to wait to rthink with their tummy.
“As a church we represent Christ, and we help people in need, as Christ would have. We must just give,” Mboro said.