Quinton of scandal visit ZCC Moria for a special tea to boost his bedroom life


Brighton Ngoma also known as Quinton in the local soapie, Scandal, is one handsome yellow‐bone guy who can no longer perform well in the bed‐room after he had been infected with STI or STD’s several times which ended up damaging his s_exual strength as a man.
According to his girl friend, he got infected 10 times last month because they had issues and he was not getting some at home for a period of a month when he began to sleep around and got infected.
“After he used the special mixture from Zcc Moria he can now do better than before,i am telling the truth he is very good now.
I was so shocked today after s_ex the way i was so satisfied after doing our rehearsals for our honey moon next year” says the girl friend Quinton could not be reached for comments when we wrote this satirical piece.
Source: Online