Residents Stranded After Heavy Rains


HEAVY rains in Cape Town has left Qandu Qandu squatter camp residents without a place to live.

The rain started on Monday and caused a lot of damage.

Daily Sun visited the area on Wednesday and residents were busy salvaging their belongings.

Mandisi Ntshangase (34) said: “We underestimated the rain, not knowing it will rain more than a day.

“We can’t even get the water out. This is a mess and we don’t have place to sleep.”

Nomhle Mtiki (30) told Daily Sun they arrived in the area in April last year.

“It is the first time we are experiencing this. Our belongings were damaged because we couldn’t take everything out at once because it was dark,” she said.

Disaster management spokeswoman Charlotte Powel said mopping up operations continued after successive cold fronts.

“The city’s Disaster Operations Centre logged 176 incidents including flooding, power outages and fallen trees or structural damage,” said Powel.

She said they were coordinating the city’s response to incidents reported during the most recent heavy weather episode.

“This situation will change as repair teams make their way through the list of reported incidents and we ask that residents to bear with us as assessments have to be completed for record purposes,” she said.

She said the city did make emergency shelters available to the affected communities.



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