Riky Rick breaks the internet over his wife Bianca Naidoo’s comments


Local rapper Riky Rick’s Instagram post praising his wife Bianca Naidoo caused quite the stir on the Twitter streets on Monday.

Taking to his Instagram page on Sunday, the ‘Sidlukotini’ rapper shared a lengthy post thanking his wife for being his rock, anchor and giving him direction in life.

Furthermore, Rick shared how Naidoo would stop him from buying an expensive watch for the sake of showing off, instead telling him to put the money away for their kids. Telling him not to go to a club and stay out late since he already did that 10 years ago and not hang out with people he doesn’t like.

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Thank God I found this woman. Thank God for keeping her in my life. She is my rock, my anchor and my direction. When I wanna buy that new car, she say "RELAX, LETS BUILD SOMETHING WITH SHELDON". When I wanna cop that icey watch to stunt on yall, she say "RELAX, LETS PUT THAT AWAY FOR THE KIDS". When I wanna hit the club and make it shake, she says "RELAX, YOU DID THAT 10 YEARS AGO"… When I wanna go hang with so and so, she says "BABE, YOU KNOW THOSE GUYS DON'T EVEN LIKE YOU"… Loving her is so easy because she takes the time to understand me and my goals. Never jumped on the hype train. Committed to the life train. Do yourself a favor my brothers and sisters, find someone who really cares about you. Someone who doesn't value life based on worldly possessions. Someone who cares enough to correct you when you wrong and send you to the right path. People ask me how do I keep doing it, I answer, "IT'S NOT ME AT ALL, IT'S MY LADY".

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He ends the post by telling his fans to find someone who cares about you, who doesn’t value life based on worldly possessions, who cares enough to correct you when you are wrong and directs you to the right path. Stating that the reason for his success is due to his wife.

Tweeps turned Rick’s heartfelt post into a joke and poked fun at him for being guided by her to not make irresponsible decisions.



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