Riky Rick 's ride or die bae


Rapper Riky Rick is fiercely private about his, er, private life.

We know Riky has bae and he’s a dad. He refers to bae as wifey on occasion and, well, that’s about it. Except, of course, the lyrics on his hit song, Sondela.
So every now and then when he decides to open up a bit, we eat the information up like a starving child.
“Behind every man is a strong woman… This is the mother of my baby. Without her none of this would’ve happened… She held me down when I was broke. Gave me R100 so I could go to studio to record my album. Never made me feel bad when I couldn’t pay for dinner or take her out for a movie… For that I will always do anything to give her everything she needs. This is my ride or die. I Love You.”
But Riky, we would’ve lent you R150 for you to sing to us forever.
Source: The Juice