SA Hip hop artist gets Ferrari stuck in sand while trying to look cool in a music video


No difficult trails‚ only poor choice of vehicle’ as Ferrari driver discovers. Drifting takes on a new meaning when you take your supercar to the beach as a rapper who got his Ferrari California stuck at the Atlantis sand dunes on the Cape west coast at the weekend discovered.

Apparently a music video featuring the rapper was being shot of the vehicle drifting the sand dunes when it got stuck.
Jaco Terblanche who posted the picture of the car on his Facebook account said that more than 100 cars had in the past found themselves stuck in the sand dunes which are usually frequented by 4×4 vehicle owners.
“It happens everyday if you go there you’ll see for yourself. Unfortunately I can’t disclose the names of the people that were involved because I am running a bodyguard company. They were shooting a music video and the car got stuck as they were wrapping up‚” said Terblanche.
A representative at Ferrari who requested to remain anonymous said that the car which comes at a hefty price tag of more than R3 million was not meant to be driven at the beach because it is a road vehicle with a very low suspension.
“It can’t even drive on some roads with potholes. The vehicle does have recovery points‚” said the representative.
Athna de Jager-Gaven who is a general manager at Scuderia South Africa (Pty) Ltd‚ a Ferrari dealership in Cape Town‚ refused to divulge details of the incident saying she has no comment.
Some of the comments about the incident posted on the social media included the following:
A Twitter a user @SupercarsSA posted: “So I have been told the stuck Ferrari was a rapper trying to film a music video drifting Atlantis sand dunes‚“
’’Was that a snatch recovery. Does a Ferrari have recovery points‚” posted another user on 4X4 Community’s forum.
“There are a few things that can not be medicated…. and stupidity is one of them. Really now. A Ferrari on sand‚” posted another user.
“Got to say‚ Jaco seems like a really decent guy. I’d have left the idiot there‚” said another user.
“Eish this Ferrari driver should have borrowed my Pajero Sport and allowed me to drive this Ferrari for a day‚” posted another user.
But perhaps one person with the user name Apocalypse summed it all up with: “They say there are no difficult trails. only poor choice of vehicle….”