SA Twitter blasts controversial UK writer after shocking Caster tweet


South African Twitter users have called out controversial British personality Katie Hopkins after her latest Caster Semenya comments.

Open on her views that Semenya should not be classified as a woman when it comes to participating in athletics, this is not the first time that Hopkins has taken to social media to air her views on the 800m Olympic champion.

After Semenya was married in January 2017, Hopkins posted: “Back in January Caster even married her girlfriend in a traditional wedding ceremony, appearing in the guise of a man.”

This time around she has gone even further by posting a picture of Semenya arriving at the Court for Arbitration of Sport (CAS) in Switzerland on Monday.

Semenya is appealing an IAAF ruling that states she will have to lower her natural testosterone levels if she is to keep competing in women’s athletics.

“Olympic champion Caster Semenya arrives at tribunal in Switzerland for a landmark case that will challenge how many testicles you can have to compete as a WOMAN in Olympic sport,” Hopkins wrote.

The post caused such an uproar that Twitter had to conduct an investigation after it was reported, but Hopkins posted a screenshot showing that the social media platform had found no wrongdoing in the Tweet.

South Africans were left irate, and we have included some of the responses below.

Hopkins, meanwhile, says she is planning a trip to South Africa to examine the “the racial war between black extremists and white farmers.”



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