SANGOMAS are usually dressed in ibhayi, a piece of fabric worn with regular clothes or draped over their shoulders.

But sangoma Zamokuhle Mazibuko (38) is usually seen in skirts or dresses and wearing high-heeled shoes – and he has no problem wearing panties!

The sangoma from Chesterville, west of Durban, said he started dressing in women’s clothing in 2013.

“I had visions of my late grandmother who showed me which women’s clothes to buy. I resisted but became so ill that I almost died. When I started buying and wearing the clothes she chose, I became better.

“I even have a few panties, but I dress like a man when I work as a security guard,” he said.

Asked about his love life, he said he had a new girlfriend and was still getting to know her.

“I broke up with another woman in 2015. No woman has ever had a problem with the way I dress,” he said.

One of Mazibuko’s neighbours, Xolani Mngoma (34) said: “At first I thought he was gay but I have since found out that he is a sangoma.”

Cultural expert Professor Jabulani Maphalala didn’t deny that the ancestors sometimes made unusual demands, but said it was very unusual for a male sangoma to dress like a woman.



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