SAPS to expose areas where women are being recorded sleeping with dogs for money


The South African Film and Publication Board and the police have been carrying out investigations into the rising illicit se_xually activities. Various Government agencies have raised concerns over the increase in case of “unnatural” se_xual acts.
Film and Publication Board Chairperson Thoko Mpumlwana said several women were being paid to have se_x with dogs while being watched and filmed, mostly by foreign tourists.
“Once we catch them, they will know there is a government in this country,” said Mpumlwana as quoted by Newss24 on Wednesday, October 19.
“Let them go and do it where there is no law or where such kind of activity is permitted. In South Africa, se_x with animals or against the order of nature will not happen,” he added.
Mpumlwana said the board and police are set to release a report on bestiality on Thursday, October 20. He indicated that the activities were more common in Capetown and other coastal cities!
Government set to list bestiality dens in Kenya.
Sometime last year a German national and 11 local girls were arrested for allegedly engaging in illicit se_x activities.
It was reported that the girls were caught having se_x with a German shepherd at a flat in Greenpoint Capetown as the foreign tourist filmed them.