SASSA grants system crashes before disbursing payouts

SA Social Services Agency (Sassa)
SA Social Services Agency (Sassa) File Picture: Nokuthula Mbatha/ANA

Those visiting the SASSA grants internet site to check the status of their R350 grant were left frustrated.

With many intended payees still awaiting their first disbursement, the SASSA grants website for the COVID-19 R350 funding was down on Thursday afternoon.


The relief funding was introduced in the wake of the continuing lockdown, and is in place to offer a bit of sustenance to the masses of jobless South Africans.


However, those visiting the site on Thursday afternoon were met with dissatisfaction with the official website where they could apply or verify the status of their grants returning an “Error” message.


This comes just after the SASSA grants team divulged that it had switched to an updated databank to determine the applicants that be eligible for the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) funding.


The organization says it had denied up to half of the submissions it had received in June, saying close to 70% of those did not meet the qualification criteria.


“Everyone affected will receive an SMS asking for them to provide their banking details,” SASSA grants team said in a speech.


“It is important to act in response to the SMS as quickly as feasible and to follow the link provided. Approved candidates are reminded that the link cannot be distributed with others, as it is linked to a specific ID number for protection reasons.”


SASSA Grants


SASSA provided several ways for one to check the status of their SDR grant across different platforms.


You can.


Check the position of your R350 fee on the WhatsApp number; 082 0468 553 if you applied using the program. All you must do is add the number to your contacts, and text the word “Status”,

Otherwise, use the USSD or SMS line: *134*7737#,


Dial the SASSA Call centre IVR at 0800 60 10 11,

Or just visit the website: as soon as it is back working again.

–The South African



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