Se x with my blesser is the best we both have ever had — says he can’t leave his wife for me


SEX with my blesser is off the scale – the first time it has ever been like that for me – and I want to tell his wife we’re together.

I’m 31. I had a succession of boyfriends through my teens, twenties and now thirties and the sex was always rubbish.My lover is the only person who has ever made me orgasm

I never wanted things to progress with any of these men because I kept thinking something was lacking.

I reinvented myself three years ago. I retrained as cabin crew for a budget airline, I had a new image and made new friends.

One of the single girls who worked with me through training was a dating website fanatic. She helped me create my profile one evening over a bottle of wine.

A guy messaged me who said he was 59 and he looked lovely. He admitted he was married and just looking for some fun. We chatted for a couple of weeks and then met up when I had a few days off.

He took me out for dinner and we just got on so well. Our conversation turned sexual and I must admit I was pretty turned on. He suggested we go back to my place.

We kissed passionately once inside the door. He said: “Show me your bedroom.” We went upstairs and the kissing continued until he peeled off my clothes and I took off his. He was in great shape for a man his age.

He says he hasn’t been intimate with his wife for years and I wonder if he will leave her

We had sex. He really knew what he was doing and I experienced my first ever orgasm with a guy. It felt incredible. I couldn’t get enough of him.

He explained that he’s weak-willed — he can’t leave his wife as she would be devastated and he doesn’t want to lose his comfortable, easy lifestyle.

He admitted to having no physical intimacy with her, not even a hug, after 20 years of marriage.
We meet every week for sex, but he isn’t a player. He’s only ever been with his wife — and me.
Am I wasting my time?