Se_x with Ben 10 for 15-months costs Sangoma


WHEN SANGOMA Janet dreamt she was living in a shack, she should have known it was a warning from the ancestors. Because soon after that, her raging Ben 10 allegedly destroyed her house and stole her possessions!


JANET Letswalo (56) told Daily Sun she didn’t know she was heading for trouble when she took a Ben 10, aged 35, into her 10-roomed house and her double bed 15 months ago.

“At first life was great, but then I realised our relationship couldn’t last because we had too many differences.

“So when I went to see my family for a family gathering last Friday I told him to pack his things and get out of my house.”

But before she even reached the gathering, she got a call from a neighbour.

“I was told my house was on fire,” she said.

She claimed the Ben 10 had set her house alight. Her dining-room, three bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms were all burnt down.

“I can’t even determine the cost of my loss. Everything I worked for over so many years has gone up in smoke,” said Janet, sitting in the back room of her house in Sebokeng, in the Vaal.

After the fire, she remembered the warning dream the ancestors had sent her a week before.

But Janet is not entirely satisfied that the warning she got was clear enough.

“I wish my ancestors had been more specific about what was going to happen.

“I rely on them for guidance.

“Dreaming about a shack didn’t tell me much because I thought they were showing me something else.

“I never thought they were talking to me about myself.

“Now I’m living in the backyard of my own house. I don’t know what to do.

“I need help. I’m not working anymore.”

A case of arson has been opened at Sebokeng Police Station.

Sebokeng cop shop spokesman Captain Tebogo Lephotho confirmed that a case has been opened.

“Police are still investigating the matter.

“We confirm that a suspect who could be linked to the incident has been arrested in Evaton after allegedly fleeing from the Sebokeng area,” said Captain Lephotho. – Daily Sun