She captured a Toyota Avanza, which crashed into her wall


    PEOPLE have a habit of crashing into walls at kasi homes and running away.

    But Thandiwe is not going to let that happen!

    Thandiwe Jaka (48) from Braamfischer, Soweto has captured a Toyota Avanza, which crashed into her wall on Sunday – and she is not letting it go until she gets her money.

    The Vermont company from Midrand, the owners of the vehicle, sent a tow truck, but Thandiwe has still not released it.

    She told the company they must pay for the damage or it won’t get the car back.

    “These people can’t be trusted. If I give them this car and they disappear, who will fix my wall?” Thandiwe told Daily Sun.

    She claims the damage is estimated at R50 000. She said she will involve lawyers if the company doesn’t pay.

    Neighbours saw the car plunging into her outside wall on Sunday night.

    The wall of her renovated house was cracked in the process.

    She said she was sitting in a back room when she heard people screaming. When she rushed to find out what was happening, she found the car with its bonnet in her yard.

    Driver Njabulo Buthelezi said he doesn’t have the money to pay for the damage.

    “I was in the bath when my uncle stole the keys for the car,” he said

    The manager of Vermont said he doesn’t see why Daily Sun has to get involved in the matter.

    He said they were not going to pay because it was not their responsibility.

    “The driver will have to see how he can sort it out,” he said.