She Is Denying Me Se_x Because She Is Giving It To Her Boss


A man from Hatcliffe left the court open-mouthed after he accused his wife of 20 years of denying him his conjugal right because she was sleeping with her boss at work.

According to a source, Celestine accused his wife Nomatter Rukawo of having an adulterous affair with her boss who was not named. Celestine made the allegations after he had been dragged to court by Nomatter who wanted the court to grant her a protection order as she alleged that her husband was abusing her physically and emotionally.

Celestine was vehemently against the granting of the protection order and told the magistrate,

I have been married to Nomatter Rukawo for 20 years, but ever since I confronted her about the RUMORS that she is having an affair with her boss, she is refusing to have se_x with me. …I am against the application because she wants to use the order to continue with her shenanigans…She wants to bar me from visiting her workplace because she is afraid I might walk in to see her with her boss.

However, Nomatter insisted that the court should grant the order as Celestine was making her life a living hell. Said Nomatter,

I want him to stop all the accusations that I am having an affair with my boss because it’s embarrassing. We use separate bedrooms but he insults me with obscene language in front of the children.

Presiding Magistrate Noah granted the protection in Nomatter’s favour and ordered her husband to stop abusing her.