#SisterBettinaChallenge Re-ignites 2006 Hit!


IF you have a copy of Mgarimbe’s super hit Sister Bettina, you’re in luck. The 2006 dance floor destroyer is making a massive comeback on social media with the #SisterBettinaChallenge, where people post crazy videos of themselves dancing to it.

In one video, a church choir group is singing their boring song, with one guy on the piano.

But then suddenly, Sister Bettina is played and they jump up and start dancing.

One goes as far as upsetting the couch, throwing the cushions in the air, while another lifts up a fellow singer and dances with him.

Another video shows students at a residence.

While the boys get into the showers, the girls are brushing their teeth.

Sister Bettina comes on and they leave everything they’re doing to start dancing to the song.

Facebook user Minenhle Mbatha has watched all the videos.

“ I can’t look at them anymore. They make me laugh till I fart!”

Mgarimbe, who never followed up the song with another hit, told Daily Sun he was happy.

“This song is 11 years old but people still love it,” he said.