Skeem Saam’s Noah: People tell me to stop lying


Skeem Saam actor Austin Mothapo has rubbed people up the wrong way with his role as Noah on the popular soapie to the point that he says, he will soon have to stop going to the mall.

Noah is the definition of trouble and is constantly lying, cheating and stealing from those close to him. He’s so annoying that fans have threatened to stop watching the show if he doesn’t get killed or caught soon.

The good news is that he is quarter to done with his dodgy life and Austin says he will only have a short time longer to deal with the hate his character gets in the streets.

“People absolutely hate Noah but they like Austin,” he told TshisaLIVE with a laugh.

Austin said his life has changed since Noah’s storyline took him to the dark side, with people constantly stopping him in public to reprimand him.

“It hasn’t been that bad to be honest. Maybe in time it will be worse. It hasn’t got to the point where people are fighting with me, they just tell me that I must not be naughty. People tell me to stop lying.”

But it hasn’t got to the point where he has to hire bodyguards just yet.

“I think it will get to the point where I will have to stop going to the mall.”

He said he avoided Twitter like the plague to avoid the “negative energy” it brings.

“I avoid social media. I don’t know what people are saying about me there. I will go on the Skeem Saam fan pages to see what they are writing. But, generally, I stay away and avoid it.”



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