Skeem Saam’s Pebetsi Matlaila is angry after cashier calls her daughter fat


Skeem Saam actress Pebetsi Matlaila was spitting fire after a cashier made an insulting comment about her daughter’s weight.The actress explained that while she was out shopping with her daughter, a cashier had allegedly started a conversation that ended with Pebetsi telling her where to get off. This came after she called Pebetsi’s six-year-old daughter fat.

“I’m absolutely livid, like absolutely annoyed,” she said. Pebetsi was in disbelief over how insensitive the cashier was.

“Then says, ‘Oh she’s so fat!’ Did I get so pissed at her! First of all, can you let a child be a child. Can a child not worry about her weight at such a young age, a tender age like that. You gonna go around calling a child names like that?

“Something so hectic that could kill a child’s self-esteem… in front of her even? If you have nothing nice to say, then just shut the f*** up!” she vented in a video after the encounter.

The actress got a lot of support from her followers who agreed that the cashier was insensitive and her alleged comments were uncalled for.



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