Slay doesn’t Pay

The world is not what it used to be. Rich older men, commonly referred to as blessers, are spending a fortune on attractive young women. On the other hand, we have a group of materialistic young women who call themselves slay queens.

Young women, enjoy the attention of rich, older men while you can, because the affection they give you has an expiry date.

So do your looks and, in turn, your value to blessers.

After 10 years of slaying, will you still be a queen? Will you still call yourself a queen when you’re unemployed and homeless?

You probably plan to get married and start a family. Who is going to marry a woman who spent the best years of her life as a gold digger?

Beauty fades but education lasts forever. Stay at school and make something of yourself while you have the energy to study.

The best way to escape poverty is to further your studies and find a decent job.

That will allow you to buy all the things you want.

Young women, no one is going to give you a reward for being a slay queen.

Men must stop using money to lure young women and women must start bringing more to the table than their looks.

Get your life in order so you can have a better future. Stand on your own two feet.

~ Letter from Japie Makhobatlou, Soshanguve

– This is great advice. There is really no need for women to sell their bodies for a quick buck. I am sure one can slay without compromising their integrity. This letter wins R200. Call Nthabiseng to collect. – Editor