Soon-to-be Dad Stabbed For Snickers and His Wallet


A baby will have to grow up without a father after Joseph Tlatso Ponto, 28, was fatally stabbed and robbed of his wallet and sneakers in Phutanang.

The mother of Ponto’s unborn child, Jeanette Mokone, 31, waited in vain for him to return to their home in Snake Park on Saturday evening after he had accompanied a family member home to Phutanang.

Her sister, Celestine Mokone, said that Jeanette is seven months pregnant.

“I went to search for Joseph because Jeanette was becoming increasingly worried as it was getting late and there was no sight of him. I found him in Lapa Laka Street with two stab wounds to the chest on Saturday at about 8.30pm. His shirt was soaked in blood, he had collapsed and died on the scene before I arrived,” Celestine explained on Monday.

“He was only wearing his socks as his new Nike sneakers and wallet containing his bank cards and identity document were stolen. I am not sure if there was cash inside the wallet.

“We are very hurt and sad about the cruel manner in which his life was taken because he was a good soul who took care of my sister and his family. We will support my sister and her baby as she is not employed. She will struggle to look after herself financially as Joseph was the sole breadwinner.”


Celestine added that her sister was admitted to hospital following the incident, where she was treated for shock.

“My sister was besides herself when she saw Joseph lying lifeless on his back in the street. Luckily, the baby is all right and we are hoping that Jeanette will be discharged soon.

“They had not confirmed the gender of the baby yet, although I think it is a girl. They also have a 12-year-old son.”

Celestine said that Ponto had been working for the past four years at Kimberley Cremation and Funerals.

“He was committed to his job, where he worked seven days a week without taking a break.”

She said that funeral arrangements had yet to be made.

Tsoeunyane Elia Ponto said on Monday that he and his older brother, Joseph, had moved to Kimberley from Lesotho in 2014.

“We came in search of work and for a better life and now my brother’s life was taken from him. I have made my home in Kimberley so I will stay here, even after what happened,” said Tsoeunyane.

Police spokesperson Captain Bashaobile Kale said that the Kagisho police were investigating a case of murder after a 28-year-old man was stabbed to death in Phutanang, Galeshewe.

“It is alleged that the deceased was robbed of his shoes. The deceased was stabbed in the street and ran towards a tavern, where he died.”

Kale said that no arrests had been made yet.

“The suspect is unknown and investigations continue.”



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