The South Africa president Jacob Zuma has added his voice to the talk of the town “Blesser and Blessee”


According to the president, this is a great achievement by his government and he is very proud of it. He added that, ladies no longer have to worry of unemployment and this seeks to give them all the funds they need to make a good living.
This trade which is termed as “Blessers and Blessees” have been around for a long time but has now been made official. In this trade, a BLESSER (the man) post job openings on the internet, radio or posters inviting interested BLESSEES (the ladies) to respond to the adverts.
The Blessees, being the ladies make their requests and upon acceptance, the Blesser, being the man arrange for the trade to go on. “Blessers and Blessees” is currently the main source of income of most ladies in South Africa and the government is very happy with its economic impact.
“This was a good idea and thanks to whoever started this sex trade. Ladies now have legitimate means to make income for themselves. Our economy is now smiling” – the government spokesperson said.