Student Comes To Matric Dance in a Coffin!


FOR many teenagers their matric dance is a smaller version of a fashion show or the Durban July.

Just as at those events, pupils do their best to wear nice clothes or to arrive in fancy cars.

One matric pupil, however, took his quest to be noticed even further. Over the weekend photos of an unidentified matric pupil posing inside a coffin before making his grand entrance to his dance started circulating over social media.

There were also photos of the boy arriving at the event in a hearse while lying inside the coffin.

Those who saw the photos were left horrified.

Sangoma Skhuni Sivuthemanzini Mkhize said: “This is unacceptable.A living person cannot be put inside a coffin. It brings bad luck.”

Mkhize said many people were experiencing bad luck because they did not respect their culture.

“In our culture, you do not mess with the dead or anything relating to the dead,” he said.

After seeing the photos, Siyabonga Mdunge said: “People have lost it, all in the name of popularity.”



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