Talented guitarist plays outside DJ Tira’s home until he notices him


Mduduzee Ncube is living proof that dreams do come true if you just believe in yourself. This aspiring musician has done the most to make his dreams come true. He even went as far as standing outside DJ Tira’s home performing until he heard what he had to say.

The talented busker, who started out by entertaining the public on Durban’s South Beach, has taken every opportunity that he can to make his name known.

Mdu took a stand and demanded to be heard. He stood in front of the famous DJ Tira’s house until he came out and acknowledged his presence. This man’s persistence is inspiring. Mdu stood outside Tira’s house and played his heart out until Tira came outside. Not being a widely-known artist, Tira was shocked to see a strange an outside his home, but he was also humbled by his perseverance.

Dogg DBN just happened to be at Tira’s house at the time and was the one who captured the moving moment and shared it on social media.

Mdu impressed Tira and Dogg DBN so much that he secured himself a gig with Dogg DBN and collaboration with Tira. Yusssss, my man! Tira has sent Mdu for a makeover today in preparation for his big gig tomorrow. Big ups to Tira for the generosity and kindness!



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