The List Drinks Mzansi Spends The Most Money On

beer mzansi

I sometimes look at people who don’t drink with a sense of envy over how much money they must save.

Then I crack open a cold one and I realise I’m just fine, thanks.

Given that we’re a country that loves a toot or three, it’s no surprise that we’re spending a decent amount of cash on drinks every month.

According to the latest numbers from Stats SA, beer is the clear winner, way out in front of its closest competitors, fizzy drinks and spirit coolers.

That’s right – we spend close to three times as much on beer as we do on fizzy drinks.

Wine pips whisky into second place in terms of money spent on alcohol.

It’s also interesting to see that coffee and tea are tied at 5,6% apiece – the battle continues.

Whilst the stats don’t tell you which beer we’re spending our money on, it’s clear that South Africa has been embracing Espiritu Libre – the spirit of freedom.

120 years after a brewer on the highest peak in Mexico held up a beer and watched the sun shining through the transparent bottle, giving birth to Sol Beer, that spirit continues to inspire people around the world to live with passion, excitement and freedom – a life not lived in the shadow, but in the light of the sun.

Or, you know, have another cup of tea because you’re wild like that.

My condolences to the vodka drinkers out there, too – those hangovers are not for the faint-hearted, so enjoy the shadows.



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