'She thinks she's a little God' – Zikhona Sodlaka on playing iGazi's S'chotho


“S’chotho is one of those characters that just became bigger than me. People ‘love to hate her’ or ‘hate to love her’. She’s so cool yet dirty, weird, ugly, powerful and dynamic. She is so chilled in her power, just chilling there like a lil Jesus,” she said.
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Zikhona has played a lot of memorable characters in her career which spans over 12 years, but since S’chotho stepped into people’s homes every Sunday night, she has captured the hearts of many.
She added that she loves the attention her character commands and it makes her “feel that her work is recognised”.
“I think people did not expect to be able to relate to S’chotho, but they do. She thinks she’s a little God, but she is still just a human with supernatural powers, that just happen to lean more on the bad side,” she said.
The actress told TshisaLIVE that she is “glad” that she chose the character because other people may have taken for granted the spiritual “consequences” of playing this character.
She shared that as a Christian woman, she knows that the character “borrows” her body to say all those witchcraft-related things.
However she is happy that she knows how to pray and spiritually arm herself against “whatever spirits” she may be attracting and calling onto when in character.
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“There are people who are dedicated to pray for other people all day, then there are people who are praying against the prayers of that person or praying against a certain person, like S’chotho. As a Christian, I love Jesus and that’s why I could play S’chotho. I knew I had to be spiritually strong, because otherwise I would be calling upon things I don’t understand or couldn’t handle,” she said.
Zikhona told TshisaLIVE that she enjoys the engagement from the viewers of iGazi on social media. She added that she loves seeing people see themselves in the woman that S’chotho is, more than the witch with powers.