THUGS now know not to try their luck with madala Lucas Mawela


Last Thursday night the 75-year-old fought off a gang of robbers with a metal pipe that looked like a baseball bat.

The madala from Mayfield in Daveyton, Ekurhuleni, said he picked up his pipe and waited for the thugs when he heard them fiddling with his door just before midnight.

He said when the first thug came in carrying a knobkerrie, he swung his pipe towards the man and beat him up until he could not walk.

When the other robbers heard their friend screaming, they sent another thug in with an iron rod.

But the madala hit him on the back of the head. He also hit the thug’s hand, sending his rod falling to the floor.

The thug with the rod then dragged his friend out and a third robber, armed with a gun, vowed to kill the madala.

But the madala hit his hands with the pipe and the gun fell to the floor.

The men then realised they had bitten off more than they could chew and fled the scene.

Two thugs tried to come in armed only with their fists, but the madala chased them into the dark before calling the cops.

Madala Lucas’ wife, Nyanisi Ngobeni (80), and his granddaughter screamed for help as the drama was unfolding, but by the time neighbours arrived at the scene, the thugs were gone.

Police spokesman Constable Justice Ramaube said a case of attempted robbery with a firearm was opened.