“Toxic people” have led HHP to close his twitter account


Hip-hop star HHP has had enough with the drama that comes with being on Twitter.

As a result the rapper has officially deactivated his Twitter account temporarily. (Maybe AKA gave him some tips?)

The rapper took to Instagram revealing that fans will no longer find him on Twitter.

hhp“Being on twitter lately feels like this…I’m 140 characters away from pulling a #MySpace on all 380K of my followers…#TwitterHoliday #LoggedOff. I’ll come back around end of May,” HHP said.

This was obviously met with a string of questions from his fans.

HHP went on to explain that he’s just tired of the “mob mentality on Twitter.”

“Follow me on Instagram. I’m no longer on twitter. In Facebook its Jabulani Tsambo. Also like my Hip Hop Pantsula fan page…name also changing. Kwaaa…neh…Twitter has a lot of toxic people. #MobMentality,” he added.