Two newborns have been found dead in dustbins


Some disturbing news has reached us from Florida in Johannesburg, where emergency services have reported finding the body of another baby in a dustbin.

The discovery was made in the region – near Roodepoort and roughly 16km west of Joburg – earlier on Friday morning. Authorities suspect that the victim was a very young, newborn baby boy.

Local paramedics working for ER24 were called to the scene at 09:25 after the local CPF were alerted to the incident. Upon arrival, paramedics found the body lying in the dustbin, wrapped inside a plastic bag.

Where the babies were found

The emergency service has since released a statement, where they confirmed their discovery. However, details are still sketchy at this point, and further information about the incident is yet to be established:

“The body of a newborn baby boy was found this morning in a dustbin on Eider Road in Florida, west of Johannesburg. Unfortunately, nothing could be done by paramedics and the baby was declared dead. The details surrounding this incident are not yet known but local authorities were on the scene for further investigations.”

Sadly, this is the second incident of this nature to have occurred over the last 24 hours. Paramedics were also called to Linden on Thursday, where The body of a newborn baby was found inside a concrete dustbin on the corners of Barry Hertzog Ave and Linden Road. ER24 released this statement:

“It is believed that a member of the public came across the baby in the concrete bin before alerting the authorities. The exact circumstances surrounding the incident were not known to our paramedics, but police will be investigating the matter.”

Florida, Johannesburg

Florida is a predominantly English-speaking community in Gauteng. The most recent census stated it was home to more than 20 000 people and has a diverse mix of residents within its boundaries: Black citizens make up 35% of the local population, and 29% are coloured. Meanwhile, 23% of residents are white.