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Univen Student Having Sex With a Blesser

Univen Student Having Sex With a Blesser
University of Venda student was caught pants down in a bush a few kilometers away from the main Campus being bonked by a taxi driver.
The 23 year old Thandiwe Muratho who is studying a degree in Agriculture confessed that she had to be “blessed” by the taxi driver to get money to buy clothes and accessories.
“I am ashamed that I was caught naked with a man on top of me, it’s against my Venda cultural values but I had limited options. I had to give Tau (the taxi driver) what he wants because he gives me money to buy clothes and provides me with transport to and from Campus. He also promised to buy me a mobile phone that supports whatsapp. ”
Thandiwe ascertained that it was hard for her to fit in the Campus environment without good looking clothes and accessories.
The taxi driver couldn’t be reached for a comment as he fled the scene immediately after being caught. Thandiwe was taken to the University Counseling department where she received counseling.
The Sister in Charge Serati Sibasa urged female students to shun such activities as they risk contacting HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.
“We had a lot of similar cases in the past, were students offer sexual pleasure for financial rewards and later on finish school on HIV treatment. National leaders, University leaders and the Police must come together to implement measures for the protection of vulnerable students. They are our future and we can’t fold our hands while some people are taking advantage of poor students,” said Sibasa.
Last week the Minister of Health said that his ministry is going to implement a system that is expected to keep young women away from Blesser. He expressed his worry towards the growing trend of blesser and blessee, which was described by Kenny Kunene as an act of prostitution