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Video:Epic hijack fail, watch clever motorist escape silly hijackers in Capetown


Cape Town – Hijackings are a sad reality on South Africa’s roads. Despite government efforts to curb road crime, SA remains a global hijack hot-spot.

Sometimes, drivers get the better of criminals in SA as seen in a video published on YouTube – a driver’s quick reactions saves them from a potential armed robbery and/or hijacking.
Fast reactions
While waiting at a security gate, an Opel Corsa bakkie parks alongside a Mini Cooper driver. As the boom-gate opens, an armed man exits the bakkie and runs over to the Mini.

Thanks to quick reflexes and staying calm under pressure, the Mini driver reverses away from the potential hijacker and speeds away from the criminals.
10 life-saving tips on SA’s roads:
1. Get an electric gate. Many hijackings and home invasions happen just as you are entering or leaving your home.
2. Have a well-lit driveway with the electric gate (that can switch to a battery during power failures) to help you get in and out safely.
3. Leave enough room between your car and the one in front at junctions and traffic lights to avoid being boxed in.
4. If you think that you are being followed, drive to the nearest police station or another safe public place with people about. Do not go home.
5. At an unusual or unexpected roadblock, keep windows closed and doors locked and ask for the police or traffic officer’s identity card.
6. If you sense you are in danger, hit the button on your tracking device if you have one.
7. When driving home alone, always phone ahead to give a relative, spouse or partner your expected time of arrival.
8. Get to know your neighbours and the cars they drive. This will help to identify any strange vehicles in your area.
9. Adopt a search pattern radius to scout before approaching your home.
10. Adjust your speed when approaching a traffic light so that you do not have to come to a complete stop.