If you want to get sexually satisfied everyday, get married to men from this province!

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A while back a study was done which ranked average penis sizes per country worldwide and South African Men came in at number 41, which got me and my friends  to talking  and brainstorming about if we were to rank our own South African Men’s average penis size per tribe, which tribe would come out tops? Since we couldn’t do like a fully fledged research I decided to give each and every one of my female friends, relative and colleague a task to go back into their history books and also ask their female associates to do the same too and tell me which tribe has the D and which one has the d. I also asked a lot of females for feedback on all social networks like Facebook, twitter and the likes and here is what I came across:
1. Venda Men
Most females and I included can confirm that this naturally tanned up brothers from the north got arms for days and rumour has it that it’s connected to a tree from birth, so the more the tree grows the bigger the Azwindini and they also have their own Viagra called Mpesu, so if you’re like Kelly Rowland and them and don’t want to feel your legs afterwards, this is your motivation.
2. Tsonga Men
Another chocolatier from the north, even though I haven’t had an encounter with a Tsonga Men before, my research results show that they cum in well armed as well and they prefer big families.
3. Xhosa Men
Now these egoistical brothers are not just well endowed, most of them are fine and they got a big ego but is fine because the can back it up. They say it takes a certain type of women to handle this tribe and I tried back in the days but I had to let it go for my sanity’s sake, but one thing I know for sure is that they know how to take good care of a women but the tricky part is to find the right Xhosa Men.
4. Pedi Men
4, I personally think that Zulu Men were supposed to be at number 4 since the ones I’ve been with held their own but the results from my research proved me otherwise, plus some women complained about the excess skin down there on most Zulu Men, so number 4 will go to our Pedi Men.
5. Zulu Men
Looking at my research’s results, it seems like almost every female has once dated a Zulu Men and I think is due to the fact that the Zulu tribe is the Majority in South Africa but one of the main reason they’re at number 5 is because the ladies say there Is no consistency when it comes to this tribe, you might get a D from your first Zulu Men and then get a d from the next one. Consistency or no consistency, Zulu Men are G’s.
6. Ndebele and Swati Men
According to most females, the Men from this two tribes are very romantic, loyal and averagely packaged.
7. Sotho and Tswana Men
Another tribe that has Men who knows how to take care of their women, but according to my research it seems like this tribe consist of a lot of fine light skinned brothers and the ladies in my research stand behind the well known myth that most light skinned Men have the d, but overall this is good peoplez right here.