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THE management of Mugg & Bean has confirmed that the police are investigating an incident which took place at one of their restaurants.

The customer was attacked with a panga on Wednesday afternoon.

“The incident involved an altercation between two customers, during which one was assaulted by the other and sustained injuries. Management immediately called the centre security to the site.

“The police and medical professionals were also called to the site, where the medics attended to the injured patron,” Mugg & Bean marketing executive Jacquie Schultz said.

Schultz said the police had confirmed that the attacker had been apprehended and arrested.

“The injured patron has been hospitalised and is being treated for his injuries,” she said.

The owner of the Mugg and Bean, Adam Filmalter told that, “The two men were customers at my restaurant and had been talking, an argument ensued between the two and we tried to contain the situation.”

“It quickly got out of hand and we called for security, one of the men pulled out a panga, he aimed at him and missed a few times.

That’s when he pulled out a gun, luckily one of my customers threw a chair at the man in an attempt to disarm him. It could have been a completely different story if he hadn’t done that,” added Filmalter.





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