WATCH | Londie London: You Are Allowed To Judge Me


While Londie London’s days as an Instagram model may have been a way to open other doors, she still has a difficult time getting people to take her seriously as a musician.

During an interview on Trending SA on Wednesday, Londie spoke candidly about how she deals with people that undermine her talent.

“I feel like some people are not taking me seriously. But obviously, I need to push and put out good music so that people are convinced that I am an artist. Because yeah … I did put myself out there, provocative pictures and what not, so people are allowed to judge me and so forth,” she said.

Londie is signed under Ambitiouz Entertainment and has been pushing to make her name known as a music and fashion icon.

She said people think she’s a chancer, but she’s glad she started on Insta because it got her to where she is today.

“Me doing the drastic change into music, obviously it sparked something in people. People were like, ‘hao, this girl? Just because we like her Instagram pictures so now she thinks that she can sing? But actually, initially, I started on Instagram so I could post videos of me singing.”

Watch the interview below.



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