A FEMALE student from the University of Venda in Limpopo was filmed hanging from a window on the second floor of a building.

The student was reportedly trying to escape from the cops who had released a teargas at the university’ student accommodation.

On Thursday, classes were suspended at the University of Venda after students went on a strike for the whole of last week, which resulted in academic disruptions.

Students were protesting against outstanding fees payment by NSFAS.

The university then requested students to vacate the campus by 12:00 on Thursday.

But some students failed to heed the call and that’s when the cops were called in.

It is alleged that they started releasing the teargas in the building in order to force the students out.

The female student was caught on video trying to escape from the cops and the smell of the teargas through the window.

But she appears to have gotten stuck.

In the video, three men who are now hailed as heroes are seen rescuing her from the ordeal.

It is not known how long she was hanging before being rescued.

The video went on viral on social media.