WATCH: Zodwa Wabantu shaking it never gets old

Seeing Zodwa Wabantu shake her goods is certainly nothing new. But just like some appreciate a good fashion item and double tap, fans of Zodwa and her booty ain’t about to turn away any time soon.

One look at her Instagram account and you’ll be bombarded with videos of the entertainer shaking it.

Her latest video got over 21,000 views.

Just a week earlier she posted a similar video and that got 152,000 views.

Zodwa has said she will retire from the industry once she has got enough money to live comfortably. Either we have to take it all in while we can or her level of “comfortable” will always move and we’ve got her for a while yet.

Stress free,i love you all. I only live once,i will die forever🤘🕺🕺❤

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