We want work! Cries from Mogale City Residents


YESTERDAY residents of Kagiso, Mogale City took to the streets to express their anger at being overlooked for jobs.
The residents are accusing their municipality of not employing them for the construction of RDP houses in their area.
To make matters worse, they claim they were also overlooked for some of the houses built in the area.
Resident Katlego Modiba (43) said: “We were told the construction of the houses would benefit the community of Kagiso.
“But now we are sitting here with no jobs while outsiders are being employed.
Another resident, Mandla Mdletshe (44), said the first part of the project has been completed and now construction is underway.
“These people don’t care about us. We are homeless and jobless while they are allocating jobs and houses to outsiders.
“There are RDP houses with no owners while we have no roofs over our heads.”
Daily Sun contacted Mogale City spokesman Nkosana Zali, who said the department of human settlement is responsible for allocating houses.
“I don’t understand why they are angry with us,” said Zali.
Gauteng Human Settlements spokesman Keith Khoza said: “Even though the project is meant to uplift the community, we hire contractors who bring their own material. They tell us they need professionals to work on the project and don’t have the time or budget to train new staff members.