What A Man’s Shoes Says About Him


There’s a famous quote that says: “You dress how you want to be addressed.”

Whatever your style is, the way you dress tells those around you a lot about your personality.

This goes out to all the ladies out there who want to get a glimpse into the kind of guy someone is just by looking at his shoes.

Remember, though: everyone is unique, so these are just guidelines for what a guy’s shoes say about him.

Pop Sugar offers these insights:

1. Boat shoes 

This cheeseboy probably has many shoes to go hand in hand with his Polo look. He might be a bit of a snob and is still a mama’s boy at heart.

2. Oxfords

Now this man is the ultimate style diva. He knows about fashion and what a quality shoe can do for you. If you get involved with this man, make sure he’s more into you than his precious shoes.

3. Combat boots

A man who wears combat boots probably bought them at a second hand shop. He’s a little hardcore and prefers women with an edge as well. This man can be described as the ultimate bad boy.

4. Flip flops (sandals)

Unless he’s at the beach or next to a pool, be wary of a man wearing sandals. This man is laid-back, but maybe a bit too laid-back, even when it comes to style.

5. Desert boots

The man who wears desert boots is usually to be found at inner-city trendy places like markets and festivals. This man cares about craft beer and maintaining his effortless look.

6. High tops 

A man who rocks a pair of high tops has confidence to spare. He is passionate about music and loves to play sport. Just be careful that he doesn’t play you.

7. White sneakers

A man who wears white sneakers is either aged or nerdy bookworms. He loves maths and gaming.

8. Vans

If you spot a man wearing vans, he’s either still a schoolboy or badly needs to upgrade his wardrobe. Basically they’re lazy. If you’re into changing a man, then this one’s for you.

9. TOMS 

TOMS shoes look the same for both men and women. A man who wears TOMS is comfortable with his sexuality, gay or otherwise. He takes pride in being comfortable, ethical and stylish.



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