What Is Gwababa and How To Cure It


GWABABA is a real life struggle.

MANY guys have lost out on a potential date due to gwababa.

Don’t undermine its potential.

For many, many years, gwababa has been the only thing standing between people and their potential future wives/partners.

Gwababa is kasi word for the fear that stops guys from approaching their crush.

To this day, many people are still single due to gwababa.

IF YOU have been struggling with gwababa, now it’s time to get rid of it.

There is a cure for it, according to social media users.

SOCIAL media users have shared tips on how to cure this “sickness”.

Tweeps shared some tips on how to get rid of gwababa and approach that potential “wifey”.

#HowToCureGwababa is trending on Twitter.

Others are suggesting that money is the solution while others think you just have to drink a beer or two before approaching your crush.