What Is The First You Do Immediately After Having Sex?


You all know that s3x is a very sweet exercise, especially when you’re skillful and your partner too knows her thing.

Skillful in the sense that, you begin the exercise with a soft tender kiss on the lips for some minutes before doing a tongue walk down to her neck then roll back to the back of her ear.

At this point, she is already feeling your skills, grabbing you like tomorrow will never come. Then your hand is slowly caressing her boobs with a little press before start rolling the n!pples with your two fingers.

Before inserting the pr**k, you might want to give her head for some minutes to heighten up her mood. While licking her down there she’s giving you that soothing soundtrack and you’re already feeling that salty taste of the pu**y.

When you’re satisfied with your head-work, you then proceed to the game proper, giving her a rough ride to the front, left, right and center till you c*m.

At the moment you c*m, your eye go don clear and your body go don come down like tipper wey just offload sand.

The question now is

Immediately After Sex, What Is The First Thing You Do?



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