Wife ‘surprises’ husband with ‘I love my wife’ branding on his car


One does not simply brand their car without consulting their wife.
Businessman and owner of Infinity Sourcing Derrick du Plessis learnt that consulting with your wife on her exact plans before allowing her to brand your car would be a wise decision, he told Middelburg Observer.

Du Plessis’s wife Karan took his Nissan 350Z to be wrapped in a special tint of gold, to suit their business persona.

What he underestimated was the length Karen was willing to go to in order to show her love for him, which he later learned came in the form of a few personal touches when his car was wrapped.

Dolphin Print definitely outdid themselves with wrapping cars for their loyal clients.

Red hearts, family photos and inspirational messages like “Happy wife = Happy life” and “Honk if you love your wife” are written over his prized machine.

Karan’s ode to her husband has earned a number of honks of approval since Du Plessis collected his car from Dolphin Print.

Du Plessis is the only man in Middelburg driving around with a “love-branded” car. Karen also made it abundantly clear that “this car is being tracked by the wife”.

At the big reveal, Du Plessis said a few prayers, including “God let this be magnets!”.

But God works in mysterious ways and in Du Plessis’s case, with lots of glue and bright red hearts.



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