Wits Student Pleasures Herself With Big Snake Every Night


There was a chaos at one city residency of the University of Witwatersrand when a female student was caught pleasuring herself with a two metre python.
This bizarre incident came to light when a fellow housemate’s visitor got into the wrong room.
“Eish, I will need lots of counselling and prayers after what I saw today. I still can’t believe my eyes” the clearly traumatized male student told the press.
The girl who we learnt her name was Avuyile admitted to using the snake for sex_ual pleasure every night and on that particular day she forgot to lock the door.
“My grandmother gave me the snake and she said it’s for protection and to make me attractive to men so they can look after me” she confessed through tears.

In exchange the snake demands that she sleep with it every night and she admits at first she was scared but eventually gave in. When asked where she stores such a gigantic snake she said the snake shrinks itself and stays in her special bag with consists of herbs.
The python was taken away by the National Parks and Wildlife authorities but there is big belief that it will soon be back. Avuyile plans to go to Prophet Bushiri for deliverance so she can have a free life.
Source: Online