Woman flashes Punani at Diepsloot Mall Begs to be Poked


Watch out for a woman who walks around the mall and flashes her punani without warning. This is according to shoppers at a mall in Diepsloot, Johannesburg.

They claim the woman offers to poke men and then suddenly drops her panties. While some said maybe she’s not okay in the head, others said she looks too pretty for somebody supposed to be crazy.

Lunga Hadebe (36) from Diepsloot said he quickly took a picture of the woman.

Lunga, a father of one child, said he went to a mall in Diepsloot on Saturday and a woman came up to him with a strange request.

“She said she wanted me to poke her,” he said.

“Then she pulled down her panties revealing her punani and also flashed her breasts.”

Lunga said he was tempted.

“But I refused to poke her.”

He said the woman was attractive and he couldn’t understand why she was doing this.

29-year-old Mpho Fakude said he thought she was a magosha, but his friends told him she wasn’t looking for money. “All she needed was a poke,” he said.

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimkhulu told Daily Sun people were able to make someone go crazy over a 4-5.

“This happens when a woman has slept with someone else’s husband and the woman bewitched her. It’s not her fault. It’s the muthi that does it,” said Mthimkhulu.

Daily Sun searched for the woman but couldn’t find her. A woman told Daily Sun that she was not impressed.

“Men are weak. I’m afraid my boyfriend may be tempted if the lady offered him a poke.”



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