Woman sells her Virginity for 17 Million Rand


She believes traditional views about a woman’s virginity are outdated – so Jasmin decided to sell hers to the highest bidder.

And the 26-year-old, known only by her first name, has finally found her guy, Daily Mailreports – a “Hollywood actor” who’s willing to fork out €1.2million (about R17,45 million). “Traditional views regarding virginity are so outdated,” the London student said. “I believe that it’s my choice what I do with my body and I am sick and tired of waiting for the right person to come along.


“After 26 years I still haven’t found him so I decided a positive alternative would be selling my virginity.”

Jasmin says she got to audition three men via dates, before their final bids were placed. In a statement, the student wrote that she had no regrets.


“This was an amazing expirience! (sic). After I got public attention it took some months but finally I sold my virginity! Last week I dated three guys for Dinner here in London. A football player from Manchester United, who really want (sic) super nice to me. Also I’ve had a date with a business-man from Munich. He was a real Gentleman and we really liked each other. But to be honest he was finally to (sic) old for me.

“The Highlight was dating one of my favourite actors from Hollywood. Cinderella Escorts told me that he already bid for Giselle before but was outbid by another man. Therefore it was my pleasure to meet him. I would never have dreamed to get that high price for my auction. But as more I am amazed who bought my auction. It is so amazing! I love my decision to sell my virginity through cinderella-escorts.com and I think every girl would do the same in my position rather than giving it to a man she later on nevertheless break up with.”

Jasmin, who lists her interests as “travelling, reading and movies” is not the only Brit on the “Cinderella Escorts” website.

Others around the world have sold their virginity for even more. A woman named Giselle, 19, reportedly sold her first ever sexual experience to a businessman from Abu Dhabi for €2.5 million ($3.8 million).



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