Woman's racist verbal attack caught on camera:Video

Initially reported by eNCA, a woman has been filmed in a racist verbal attack after she had fallen victim to a smash and grab incident in Johannesburg.
The South African National Civic Organisation has called for hate speech charges to be laid against the motorist, saying the increase in incidents of this nature points to a resurgence of racism aimed at undermining reconciliation, nation building and social cohesion.
“Such provocative insults if not adequately addressed will only serve to polarise racial relations, reopen old wounds and the ugly past that the majority in the country chose to put behind,” Sanco national spokesperson Jabu Mahlangu said.
In the video, the visibly frustrated motorist tries to call the police – when police arrive, her anger becomes redirected to the officers.
The woman is heard using the ”K word” several times to describe black people.
“If I see a black person I will drive them over. If I… if I have a gun, I will shoot everyone,” she is heard saying as police try to calm her.
WARNING – The video may disturb sensitive viewers.
This comes as a string of incidents relating to racial prejudices have been reported.
To mention a few – Capetonian Matthew Theunissen landed himself in hot water after launching an attack on the sports minister on Facebook for the decision to ban certain sporting bodies from hosting major world events. He has since apologised.
While, student activist, Ntokoza Qwabe came under fire after he took to Facebook to share an incident where he and a friend refused to tip a waitress, writing “We will give tip when you return the land” instead on the bill.
Retired Durban real estate agent Penny Sparrow was ordered by the Equality Court in Scottburgh to pay R150 000 to a foundation after she posted slanderous comments on Facebook about black beachgoers.