Zambian Authorities Wanted To Pray And Cast Demons Out Of Her : Zodwa WaBantu


Entertainer Zodwa Wabantu says she is not angry with Zambian immigration authorities following their refusal for her to enter the country.

But she is ready to go back when they are ready to have her.

Zodwa spoke to TshisaLive upon arrival in the country following her deportation from the neighbouring country on Saturday.

She told the publication that upon her arrival on Friday night, a fight ensued between promoters, Sunset Sound Production and Zambian authorities after which she was told that not only could she not perform, but she would be sent back to Mzansi first thing the next day.

Zodwa said in the short time she spent in that country, authorities were willing to pray for her “deliverance”.

The underwear thing is my choice and I don’t understand why people are so upset… I will never wear a panty. I won’t change who I am for them. Maybe they think they will pray for me or make me better… They can go and f**k off if they have a problem with it,” she told TshisaLive.



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