Zambian Teacher Kills Friend By Pulling His Test!cles


A 33-year – old Samuel Chitsonga, a teacher at Moomba community day secondary School (CDSS) in Dundumwezi has been arrested for allegedly murdering Hazwell Mweemba, 65, on August 2, 2019.

Chitsonga sold his itel A 11 cell phone to the deceased son, Gift Mweemba.

The deceased was not amused with the price of the cell phone.

On August ,2, 2019 the deceased went to chitsonga’s house to negotiate the price (k800) and whilst there, the two didn’t agree, and resulted into a fighting.

Chitsonga, the suspect, pulled the deceased private
parts and eventually the deceased falled down.

As the deceased was down in a state of consciousness, the suspect stoned the deceased to death.

The matter was reported to the police station in which a
team of detective police officers rushed to the scene.

Postmortem conducted by hospital personnel revealed that death was due to severe internal bleeding.



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