Zodwa: Don’t be afraid of being called a fulltime is’febe


Zodwa Wabantu has once again encouraged women to break stereotypes and negative connotations, this time telling them to embrace terms such as is’f*be as compliments.

The dancer has been called every name under the sun in attempts to shame her but told concertgoers over the weekend that they had the power to fight labels put on them.

Zodwa told the crowd she was often labelled a s**t because of how she dresses but she has yet to see a story of her being promiscuous.

“We are called these things because we dress how we want. Have you ever heard of stories about my behaviour? Have you ever heard stories about who I’m sleeping with? No? So don’t be afraid of being referred to as is’febe (sl*t)”

She went on to explain that the term actually meant that a person was “using your brain and not your vagina



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